A Jeep Audio Tale (part 2)

Perhaps you’ve read my blog about the audio in my Jeep. Perhaps you’re new to my blog. Either way, I was deeply dissatisfied with the UConnect system that came from the factory. So much so, that I decided to put new speakers and head unit in. You can read all about that here.

That upgrade held me over through about two years. The sound was great at middle and lower volumes with the top up. Where it lacked was at higher volume, listening to aggressive music or with the top down. I do listen to heavier music a good chunk of the time, anything from Rush to Dream Theater or Tool to Metallica. The 5 1/2″ Kickers could handle most things at lower volumes but the bass and percussion would just overwhelm them at any volume.

I decided that I would need to add an amp and some form of a sub. The Jeep interior isn’t huge but something would need to drive the sounds that I wanted. I started searching for the sound solution that I thought would be a perfect fit. There are some great custom solutions out there. If money were no object, then I would have gone with this. This is a custom built sub box for the rear swing gate. These awesome people belong to my Jeep club and I would love to one day install one.

There are a few obstacles for me in this quest. Where do I put a sub and amp in my Jeep? What equipment do I actually need? There isn’t a ton of storage in a Wrangler. The places I would like to install the amp or sub aren’t really ideal, like under the seat. My Jeep has barely dried out from the last rain that I got caught in with the top down. And under the seats is very visible when the doors are off.

I do have amazing friends. A few people even offered to give me their old amps and subs. I couldn’t believe that. That was amazing. But I found a Boss Riot 1100 for the amp and a downward firing 10″ Pioneer TS-SW2502 sub. This sub is prebuilt into a box that takes up very little space. That’s perfect for the Jeep.

I mounted the amp under the security shelf in the back and hid the cables under the carpets and trim along the drivers side. The amp is just placed in the back. It doesn’t move and really doesn’t need to be secured. I wanted to be able to take it out when needed for storage.

Wow!!! This set up has truly changed the way my deck sounds. It thumps now. The sound is so full even with the top down. Every style of music sounds great. New music that my daughter wanted to listen to, like Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift sounds great! The bass and vocals are awesome. Dream Theater sounds phenomenal and punchy. That’s the way it should sound. The main thing I wanted was to not hear distortion when I would listen to ..And Justice for All by Metallica. My entire life I haven’t been able to listen to any song on that album because no stereo that I’ve had could handle it. Not anymore!!!

Come hang out with me and listen!!! If you have any comments or if you’ve made your rig sound better, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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