I’m Ready for Spring and New Shoes

We are very deep into winter. Snow and wind today is a brutal reminder that winter isn’t through with us here in the northeast. As I wrote before, this Jeep is amazing in the snow. The wind however is noisy and powerful on my non-aerodynamic piece of machinery. The soft top is louder than normal and I do have to fight a bit against the wind especially on those cross gusts. And for the first time, I actually noticed the hood flutter that I have read so much about. I hadn’t noticed any movement in the hood in the last 9 months. But, today, I saw it several times. The hood would raise a little fighting against the stock hood latches. I don’t actually think I am concerned about it at this moment. It hasn’t been present before now.

Last week, I did one of my favorite mods yet. I had found used wheels and tires in amazing condition online. I was happy with my stock tires and wheels but knew that at some point I would want to trade them out. The stock tires were the Bridgestone Dueler A/Ts on black stock steel wheels. I have been impressed by this combination on the road as well as off. But, they just weren’t big and aggressive enough. For a while I had been browsing online looking for Rubicon or Willys take offs to beef up the bottom end of my Jeep. I saw an amazing set of 18″ wheels with almost new tires for what I considered to be a great price. The wheels were a silver aluminum. I don’t really like the look of silver, especially on my red Jeep with all black accents. But, that’s nothing that can’t be solved with the right paint or Plasti-dip.

I contacted the seller and setup a time to go look at the tires and wheels. As my daughter and I pulled up to the seller’s house, we noticed that there were 3 Jeeps there. This was a Jeeper and I instantly felt better about buying used Jeep gear from him. Everything was in great condition. There were only four but I can live with that until I find a fifth for the spare. I took the wheels and tires and made a new Jeep friend. Thanks, Jerry! Four large wheels and tires barely fit in the back of the Jeep. It was a little crowded with the seats pushed forward but we survived.

I got them back home and began cleaning them and getting ready for however I was going to black them out. Finally settled on Plasti-dip. I began to layer and layer the black on. I was amazed at how quickly this was coming together. It took a couple of days to get all of the layers on and dried. The wheels were looking great. I am not really mechanically inclined. But I am certainly enjoying working on my Jeep no matter how small the project is. Getting these wheels on my Jeep was my next challenge. I borrowed my inlaw’s garage. It is still cold here. I replaced each wheel and added 1.5″ spacers to give a great stance. I really love the way this looks.

I have written in the past that I don’t want huge tires and a huge lift. That’s just not the Jeep that I want. But, I do want my Jeep to look tough and handle the off-roading that I do. Check and check. Have you put new wheels and tires on? Tell me about it in the comments.

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