A Milestone of Sorts

Well, it happened today. I hit 9,000 miles on my Jeep. And you know what: I STILL LOVE MY JKU! I have had it for almost 6 months and I wanted to take a moment and reflect on my time with it. Hit on the highlights and a couple of concerns.

I have taken two long trips of 18 hours round trip in the short time I have had the Jeep. I am still impressed with how well it handles on the open road. It is a Jeep and not a luxury car. But, on the open road, I expected it to be super noisy with the larger All-Terrian tires and soft top. As I have written before, my Jeep has exceeded my expectations on the road. It has almost convinced me that I don’t want to ever change my tires. I know that I do want to go to 33’s. I actually don’t think that I want to go bigger than that. And if going bigger and bulkier means that I will lose how it handles and sounds on the road, then I don’t want to do that much adjustment. I know that is the oposite from what most Jeep owners want. But, I spend a ton of time in my drive actually driving on a highway. I do not want that experience to suffer.

The stock stereo (UConnect-130) is an absolute embarrasment. The electronics and features of it are very reminiscent of my stock stereo from 2004 with the one exception that bluetooth could be connected. So changing out my deck was kind of a big deal and something I am so glad I did.

It has handled so well through the winter months. I am just so impressed. During each of the snow storms, I have taken the roads less traveled. These roads haven’t had any attention from street cleaning or plowing. While in 2 wheel-drive, the Jeep handles great. It has plenty of clearance and the AT tires certainly help. The rear wheels do spin when starting from a stop. But, once 4 hi is engaged it becomes an unstoppable beast. I have tried to get it to struggle and just haven’t been able to.

I am so happy that I am in the Jeep Life!! Comment below about your Jeep Life.

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